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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The wonders of a cardboard box

You have heard me say before that Lukas doesn't play, at all. I have tried all kinds of different toys, the boy just isn't into it. Yesterday I went and purchased everything in layaway and brought it home while the kids were at school. It came in a pretty big box. After emptying said box and putting all the toys in hiding, I left the box to sit in the living room because I had to hurry back and pick up the kiddos from school.

Little man passed out after 5 minutes being home, slept for about 3 hours!!!! (WOWZA)
Once he woke up something awesome happened...He noticed a big cardboard box. Who would have thought a cardboard box is all we needed. He has been playing in it since 6pm last night. He loves it. He puts his dinos in there and crawls in there. He is closing the flapps on it and popping out! Holy shit!!!! He will turn it on its side, make a fort out of it. I cannot be happier right now. This is huge for him.

Now too bad for the cardboard box, Luke is just a little rough and he is doing an awesome job tearing it up! He is definatley making that box his b*tch! It wont last long but maybe I can find another. Anything to get him to play.

It is amazing to see the sparkle in your kiddos eye. He is super happy right now and that is all that matters. It's not the traditional type of play...I like to think it's OLD SCHOOL play. I did this as a kid before all these fancy toys came out. I am sure most of you have done the same. He is very simplistic, he loves very simple things, means he is using his imagination to play =) Go get the box mean boy!! Show it who's boss!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving - What I am thankful for...

It's now November, time for Thanksgiving. There are tons of things I am thankful for but I will only post the most recent and near and dear to my heart for now.

My Team! I have an amazing team for Luke. From Doctors, Dentist, School Staff and Therapist. I am truly blessed. I couldn't ask for a better team.

Lets share a little about Doc. I know you read my blogs so I hope you enjoy, I absolutely love you and how you are with Luke. I couldn't ask for a better more caring Doc ever. Doc has had Luke since about 9 months I would say. She has seen him grow. She knows him pretty well and knows when he is having a rough go of it. She was the first to see the signs of Autism in my little guy. She sat with me for about 45 minutes while I cried and cried. She gave me all the connections I needed to get started. She truly listens to me and doesn't dismiss anything I say about what's happening with Luke. She has fought the insurance board for us, to get little man what he needs. She has seen us on a moments notice, several times. She is an amazing woman. I think even if I moved away, I would drive a hour to have him seen by her. You are truly appreciated. Thank you for being you!
Next thing I am thankful for is my school Team. They sit down with me, go over game plans, new ideas, ask me for my advice and what works best for him. I was so worried about the transition to the new school. I am soo glad that worry was for nothing. Miss Shawnna is awesome. She talks to me everyday about what happened at school, which I love soooo much. She even called me this past weekend, she found most of the toys I wanted for Luke for Christmas, on sale. She offered to pick them up for me and exchange on Monday! How cool is she?! She was thinking of us and cared enough to pick it up for me!! Amazing!! His ST at the school is amazing too. She is doing wonders with him. Getting him to do more signs each week. His PT now has him jumping, truly jumping, both feet off the floor (which he loves!!! sensory input woohoo). He has made so many leaps and bounds while being with them. I am over joyed he gets to be with them for the next 3 years.

Lets now talk about his Speech Therapist outside of school. Miss Amy is her name. He took an instant liking to her. He holds her hand, she can touch him, he even smiles and laughs for her. I can tell she truly loves what she does. He gives her a hard time sometimes, bullheaded I like to think. He likes to test the waters and not show what he knows at first to see how far they will push. She just keeps on trucking. She is super sweet and gets him to do things I have never seen. So glad we found her.
What do they all have in common? I know they really care about my little man. Its amazing!! Thank you for being you. I am thankful to have you in our lives. You all become like a second family to us.